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code {poems} by Ishac Bertran – Poetry with Code

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Ishac Bertran sent us details about his latest project – Code and Poetry:

Lately I’ve been sketching an experimental project about Code and Poetry. This two terms have been connected for many reasons – I thought it would be interesting to explore the most literal meaning of it, using code to write traditional poetry. Code has many layers of abstraction that normal language doesn’t have, and I hope this can provide a new angle to contemporary poetry. Poetry written with code meant to be read in a book, not run in a computer.

Ishac will be collecting code poems from people interested in contributing. Eventually there will be a selection of the received poems, to be printed in a book. Other collaborators who will take the role of “code editors” include David GauthierJamie AllenJoshua Noble and Marcin Ignac. Code poems can be submitted using this form until the 31st May 2012 in any coding language – there are only two rules: 0,5 KB maximum size and the code is required to compile.

You can find more information about the project on the website:
code {poems} is a project by Ishac Bertran