• I need to learn Processing asap!

  • Pighood

    Manmade global warming is a lie. If you are a disciple of it, you are an idiot.

  • Andrew

    Awesome, procedurally generated hairy balls!

    @Pighood you sound to me like you drank the kool-aid of the other side. Have you ever heard of the Principle of falsification? I wonder if there's evidence that could convince you that manmade global warming is true, or if you're just a blind zealot who is just 'always right'.

  • DFerienoF

    Wow these are amazing!
    Hello! Mr. Filip Visnjic as the author of these videos, my name is Ferieno from Indonesia, seeing that your video is very amazing may I use your video for my opening theme in my video about global warming?
    My video will be contested for Think Quest International Competition 2010.
    Please reply me soon, thank you.

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  • Janet

    Amen. It is a religion….the green movement including global warming