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COP15 Identity [Processing]

Created by London-based design studio okdeluxe, COP15 generative identity software is a Processing application created for the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen in 2009. The software adds dynamic, real-time movement to the logo by adding a series of parameters like flocking and flow fields.

The animation software is customizable to render out a large variety of styles and moods in formats useable for broadcast HD-TV and vector-graphics for printed media. Developed in collaboration with NR2154 and shiftcontrol.

okdeluxe is a London-based design studio producing generative graphics software & visualisation tools, user interface concepting, design and prototyping, interactive media installations & responsive environments and bespoke installations and products. Keep an eye on studio’s work in-progress here : blog

COP15 – Generative Identity Software


The software control panel allows for many different configurations. It can save 10 preferred settings and has the ability to animate between them to tailor the evolving animation.

Posted on: 20/12/2009

Posted in: Processing

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    • Savio Palmerston

      I need to learn Processing asap!

    • Pighood

      Manmade global warming is a lie. If you are a disciple of it, you are an idiot.

    • Andrew

      Awesome, procedurally generated hairy balls!

      @Pighood you sound to me like you drank the kool-aid of the other side. Have you ever heard of the Principle of falsification? I wonder if there's evidence that could convince you that manmade global warming is true, or if you're just a blind zealot who is just 'always right'.

    • DFerienoF

      Wow these are amazing!
      Hello! Mr. Filip Visnjic as the author of these videos, my name is Ferieno from Indonesia, seeing that your video is very amazing may I use your video for my opening theme in my video about global warming?
      My video will be contested for Think Quest International Competition 2010.
      Please reply me soon, thank you.

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