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Debug [openFrameworks, Processing]


Created by Edhv using openFrameworks, Processing, Applescript, webcam and insects, Debug is a physical installation exploring what happens when you let nature interact with technology. It is an experimental machine that transforms the movements of insects into beautiful patterns printed as posters. Obstacles are put in the insects way to influence their behaviour, controlling the graphic outcome resulting in 400 posters printed.

The process:
The insects move inside the box. The webcam send a video feed to the openFrameworks application which runs an advanced blob detection program. The openFrameworks application then sends data to the Processing application which turns the information and draws the movement of insects, choosing one colour for leftward movements and another for rightward movements. Circles are placed when the insect sits still for a longer period of time. The size of circles is determined by the amount of time the insect rests. A PDF poster is then generated after the insects meet a predetermined requirement. The poster is automatically printed behind the installation.

Exhibited at Dutch Inventuals during the Dutch Design Week 09
Exibited at Bits ‘n Pieces in New York City 09
Exhibited at Design by Performance in Hasselt, Belgium 2010

The team:
Remco van de Craats, creative director
Jeroen Braspenning, new media designer
Tinne Van Loon, new media designer
Alexia Boiteau, graphic design intern

More information can be found by visiting

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