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Digital Natives – Glitched realities 3D printed in colour resin

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Matthew Plummer-Fernandez continues his exploration of glitched objects and their existence in the physical world. The latest set, titled Digital Natives, uses everyday items such as toys and detergent bottles that are 3D scanned using a digital camera, subjected to algorithms that distort and finally 3D printed in colour resin/sandstone..

I am currently at the beginning of my ongoing 3D scan->remix->print-in-colour process development. These objects hopefully help capture the process in its early stages, whilst the algorithms and forms are still fairly crude, yet appreciable. The algorithms are executed within two software 3D interfaces; co_former for transforming shape and #ccc (colour co-creator) for generating colour. These output files ready for 3D printing in colour.

Digital Natives were created using Processing and libraries Hemesh, ControlP5, and Toxiclibs.

The objects will be on display at the 3D Print Show, London, October 19-22. Likewise, see below the interview for the 3D Print Show where he explains his concept, process, and software.

Project Page

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