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Dokfest Forest Identity [Processing]


For the 26th edition of the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, FIELD designed an identity based on the festival’s film submission database. Set in a thick and obscure forest like the wooded surroundings of Kassel, the colourful spheres form a sculptural representation of the programme – each of them represents a film, video, or installation work shown at the festival.

A unique structure emerges from the forest when hundreds of these individual objects come together – like the festival brings together artists and visitors from all over the world, regional talent and established filmmakers, professionals and interested locals.

Each film is represented by a sphere, with the size showing the length of the work. When two films coincide in all 3 parameters, meaning their spheres would sit in the same position, they cluster around this position like grapes on a vine. A generative colour palette assigns a unique shade to each represented work, which it keeps throughout all diagrams.

The forest in the images was rendered using luxrender and took about 8 hours on a large amazon ec2 instance. Geometry was generated in a custom Processing application and then imported into Blender.

See images below + make sure you visit for more wonderful work by the London based studio.

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