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Fluid Vase [Processing, Objects]


Fluid Vase is an object designed by simulating fluid action. The aim was to translate actions commonly associated with an object into the object itself, which in this case is the action of pouring water into a vase. A high speed camera was used to capture actual water motion in vases of different shapes at 500 frames per second. Simulations in Processing were then based on these footages to produce a 3D virtual mesh.

In this vision, consumers would have various options such as the speed and volume of water, and be able to select a frame from the simulation. Production is then done on demand using 3D printing.

Created by Fung Kwok Pan (
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  • Nice work.

    Reminds me of Eva Schindling's Soundflow work, where she simulated sound traversing liquid:

  • Zatt

    sorry but i dont believe this was made using processing at least not the somulation / graphics. looks prerendered to me.

  • Tiemen

    Hi Zatt, I don't think he implies that any of the animation was generated or simulated via Processing. I believe it says that Processing was used to process the photographic data into a 3d mesh. No idea how he did that, or why Processing would be the tool to use for that, but hey.

  • Impressive

  • Hi all, thank you for your comments and thank you Filip for putting this up. The fluid simulations are actually done outside of Processing and I used Processing mainly for the interface part. Must have been a little misunderstanding as I tagged my video in vimeo without really explaining the different softwares I used for the different components of my project =)

  • Thanks for clearing that up Kwok. I wasn't 100% sure as this was the only video not tagged Processing =]