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Graphic Narratives: Generative Book Covers by Ligia Duro

Ligia Duro 03 copy

Created by Ligia Duro, these generative book covers were created using Processing representing the book contents by visualising each chapter on the book cover. In the vertical, the rectangles represent the number of chapters and in the horizontal the length.

The presented series was created from the analysis of three novels by Eça de Queirós, dated from the XIX century.

Designing covers for a collection requires harmonizing the need of creating a visual unity with the individualization of each cover. Striving to get away from the classical approach to cover design, simplification of the book’s contents and reinterpretation, we explore the individualization of each cover through the analysis of the shape of the text, instead of the analysis of it’s content.-(through punctuation marks, paragraph frequency, the average length of sentences, its variance, etc).

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