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Hit-A-Tweet [Processing, WebApp]


With Twitter users generating tens of thousands of messages per minute, Hit-A-Tweet by Andreas Schlegel is a project that utilizes this data-flow overload in twitter to allow participants to create new tweet narratives. Project was created using Processing and twitter4j, a Java library for the Twitter API.

Andreas writes:
In this work, words from the 41-word long poem ‘I AM’ by Hani Haykal are extracted and used as a resource for search queries within the twitter universe. These search results will return and filter the most current tweets containing those words sequentially selected from the poem. They will then be stored in a Hit-A-Tweet database.

By hitting the Hit-A-Tweet Buzzer, a highlighted tweet will be selected, displayed and at the same time, also reveals the author’s twitter identity. These chance encounters, made possible with every hit, will be fed back to twitter, forming a sort of dada-ist inspired non-sense. These sequentially selected tweets go on to become new narratives which can be viewed at .

In participating in Hit-A-Tweet, each audience is an active composer of a new arrangement of twitter text. These selections that form a larger non-sense narrative is a commentary about the temporal nature of tweet identities, voyeurism of the net user and is an attempt to create new arrangements of information fragments within the twitter universe.

To read more about the project, see