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IDILL 2011 Trophy [Processing, Objects]

Realised by Cheval Vert Studio,  the festival IDILL trophies were created by Charleroi/Danses, La Gaîté Lyrique & Sadler’s Wells.

The team designed ‘seismograms’ objects, like pixels snapshots inspired by the physical movement origins of the festival. Each trophy is related to a prize and his winner, and the shape prize itself is generated by a screenshot of the video.

The models were generated in Processing and used ModelBuilder Library by Marius Watz to translate the models into printable data. Monochrome printing was used, together with laser system / Formiga P100 de Eos printer.

• Realisation: Cheval Vert Studio
• Vidéo / 3D Motion : Bloc-D
• Vidéo / compositing & editing : Jean-Michel Simard

• Sound design : Mark Webster
• Crédits photo : David Lemonnier
• Processing source : ModelBuilder Library by Marius Watz.