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InfObjects by Johannes Tsopanides – Shaping objects by CO² emissions

infobjects_bowl copy

InfObjects by Johannes Tsopanides is a project that uses generative design to visually describe the CO² equivalent, the energy content and price of dishes and their ingredients. Data about the product is parametrically transformed into shapes: the CO² is illustrated by ozone-holes, the energy by the growth of roots and the price of an edible by higher or lower levels within the object.

InfObjects includes three objects – a cup, a bowl and a plate that accordingly to the information are various in shape. Following the same rules each object represents a certain dish: a potato pie for example would be illustrated as a plate. A segmentation within the object shows the single ingredients.

Using Processing, the analysed parameters are translated into 3D data that later constitutes the product. Additive Manufacturing technology was used to materialize the objects. The information does not only have direct impact on the shape but it also influences the functionality. More of the CO² that is produced more holes will lead the product further from usability.

Coded with Processing, libraries used: ME_Mess
Material: Polyamid lasersintered
Prototypes were realised with kind support of EOS