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Met3D remix – We Met Heads On – by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Latest from M Plummer-Fernandez comes in the form of Met3D remix – We Met Heads On - accompanied/sound responsive to James Blake’s track. Matthew of course does this in his style of glitched models / deforming polygons – see Glitch Reality.

The video titled ‘We Met Heads On’ is my remix of the 3D scan hackathon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY organised by Makerbot. The public were invited to scan artifacts to then modify and 3d print derivatives. I found ‘decimation study – met heads’ by scotta3d which is a derivative from another thingiverse user tbuser, and to continue the lineage of derivatives.

Matthew has the wonderful skill of finding an in-between place of 3d models that are representational but have suffered from a kind of a glitch decay – after effects of extreme duplication maybe? Created using Processing and made sound responsive thanks to Minim library. In addition, if you have a 3D printer, you can help yourself to Matthew’s models on Shapeways.

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