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Microsonic Landscapes by Realitat – Transforming sound into matter

Created by Realitat, Microsonic Landscapes is an algorithmic exploration of the music. Each favoured album is converted into a three dimensional representation and “proposes a new spatial and unique journey by transforming sound into matter/space: the hidden into something visible.”

Albums include works by Portishead, Anthony and the Johnsons, Nick Drake, Einsturzende Neubauten and Für Alina. Each objects mounts layers of tracks represented in a single cylinder. Created with Processing, printed with Makerbot.

Project Site | Realitat

Realitat is a research and experimental studio founded by Juan Manuel de J. Escalante in Mexico City. The work involves digital media, music, architecture, graphic design and art. 

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Below is the trailer for Juan’s upcoming generative art workshop at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.
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