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mis.shap.en.ness [Processing]


mis.shap.en.ness are the latest experiments by Reza Ali who we have covered on CAN a number of times in the past. The images below were created with a processing utilizing springs and particles. The program allows you to enter a string, then that string’s type is traced out, rendering its outline. Using the outlines consisting of points allow these points to be transformed into particles, connected (via springs) to other particles in their proximity creating mesmerising effects of leaking geometry.

The springs apply force fo the particles which keeps them together and also apart. Then gravity is applied to these particles, which causes wet paint-like drips to form in the image (when the background of the image is not cleared of course). I interact with the decomposition of the text’s form via the mouse (soon to be the touch screen of an iPad). This interaction pushes particles away from the mouse’s position in such a way, that it resembles paint splattering on a canvas or a pseudo Jackson Pollock effect. The process of creating the image is fun, and really where the magic happens, where you can see the decomposition process unfold before your eyes.

Although no download of the app is available, as with most Reza’s experiments expect this to appear soon.

More info on and also keep an eye on his flickr.

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