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Montblanc by Onformative [Processing]

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The agency Scholz & Volkmer developed a new product presentation for the world wide relaunch of the Montblanc website. For each product line a generative artist was invited to develop a flexible and unique artwork, which provides the masterpieces with an appropriate presentation stage. In addition to other artists, such as Marius Watz and Anthony Mattox, who are developing artworks for the brand’s sunglass and perfume lines, Onformative were invited to develop their interpretation of an artwork for the product category watches.

Together with Christopher Warnow and Jens Fischer (sounddesign), Onformative created software in Processing consisting of two elements – delicate linear structures and amorphous bodies – combining the concepts of precision of the movement and high quality of the materials. The tool generates the individual product films. All the watch specifications, i.e. size, end user, material, casing type, etc., are read from a product database. Nearly 200 different films were created for the product category watches.

The tool was created using processing and all animations are exported without the need of post production. The team made use of a wide range of great processing libraries like toxiclibs for the fluid and GLGraphics to make shading possible, as well as Lee Byrons meshLib and the Ani Tweaning Library by Benedikt Groß for the mesh and its animation. Not to forget ControlP5 and ProScene for camera and control.

Project Page | and more images on flickr

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