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Moullinex – Catalina [Processing, Kinect]

Music video for Catalina, a track off the Chocolat EP by Moullinex, released in January on Gomma Records created using Kinect + Processing + Cinema 4D + After Effects.

We started with the Kinect interface library developed for Processing and made available by Daniel Shiffman. Some modifications were introduced, to get our 3D data into Cinema 4D. Each file represents one frame with a coordinate map (point index, x, y, z lines) in plaintext. A threshold filter was added to enable us to filter out any points that were too far. This way we could remove the living room entirely from the sequence. Importing files manually into Cinema 4D would be painful/impossible, so we wrote a little python script that read these files in real-time, allowing us to tweak playback speed, resolution, etc. After importing all our scenes into Cinema 4D, the rendered sequences were taken into After Effects and Premiere. Business as usual from here on.

Detailed walkthrough is available here including Cinema 4D files download and Processing code.

Concept: Luis Clara Gomes, Luis Calçada
Visuals: Luis Calçada
Programming: Luis Clara Gomes
Editing: Francisco Costa
also Joana Nobre and Paulo Raimundo

Buy the EP here, or listen to the tracks on soundcloud.

/via Zach

Posted on: 10/02/2011

Posted in: Processing

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    • Kirill

      Убого. Очередная попытка сделать что то под кинект. Игры для кинект – вот куда равняться надо!

    • Klaus Fleischhacker

      it would be great if you share the python script for cinema4d with the c4d community.

    • Lodsb

      how sweet. sad that the most awesome visuals are usually made for the most boring music.

    • SJK

      It´s disco music, and it´s good disco music!

    • Felipe Machado

      BROKEN LINK FROM: Detailed walkthrough is available here including Cinema 4D files download and Processing code.

    • Felipe Machado

      great job !!!

    • ken

      broken link :’(