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New visual identity for Pigmentpol by FELD and ATMO

pigmentpol_04 copy

In collaboration with ATMO design studio, Berlin based studio FELD created a new visual identity for Pigmentpol, a digital printing company in Germany. The new identity system uses Processing to generate a custom logo for the variety of Pigmentpol corporate media, including personalized stationery, shop interior and vehicles.

The hexagon functions as a key object for the geometry, within which additional intersections can be arranged. Following a chosen color scheme, every segment is colorized and all intersections are highlighted. Before exporting the graphic as a PDF file, the ability to scale and crop to a desired area is given and finally the generated graphics can be further processed or simply used within the regular layout process.

FELD | ATMO a young design studio founded by a group of Berlin based designers who share a common language of digital thinking in their work process. FELD balances what computers and what people are good at: Leveraging the relentless, precise and high-speed computational processes or custom machines to unfold their works, but having the designers always at the helm result in thought provoking, aesthetic and elegant works.


  • Just wow, Is there any chance to get or buy this custom software?

  • Mitty

    I don’t think this can be described as logo, such as the MIT Media Lab new identity

    Is more like a background effect, nice though.

  • That’s why it’s a visual identity ;) 

  • Thomas

    So impressive… Just want this software…