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Nous Sommes Quatre Vingt [Profile, Processing]

The same group that is behind have a vimeo page with the few videos uploaded that we could not resist but share. The first one includes a pong type setup using a projector but instead of it being projected on a flat surface like you’d expect, it is actually projected in the corner of the room with players being located on opposite sides of the room walls – intentional distorted projection. This is accompanied by sounds as soon as players hit the ball. Must watch below. The second video is a sound reacted experiment team made in a local winery cave near Marseille and third being test run during their latest installation @ La Bellone. Bruxelles (BE). Few other videos are included below.

The team goes by the name “Nous Sommes Quatre Vingt” meaning ‘We are Eighty’ and perform live.

It is a machine matter, men that the order and the classes.
It is a matter of us, here, now and tomorrow that screams itself.
It is a matter of association of humans, of installations multimedia and of projections.
It is a matter of thousand universes and of a reality.
The internet exists for the one that thinks it exists.

Must see also is

+ more at

Posted on: 12/08/2010

Posted in: Processing, Profile

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    • Antoine

      Quick note, “Nous Sommes Quatre Vingt” means “We are eighty”.

    • Filip

      Thanks Antoine =]

    • Paul Marique

      Hi. I'm Paul Marique from noussommesquatrevingt.
      As a silent reader of this blog i Thanks for your support.

      Just to let you know that we

    • Filip

      Thanks for the info + kind words Paul =] Looking forward to the new site!