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On Journalism #2 Typewriter by Julian Koschwitz

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Created by Julian Koschwitz, “On Journalism #2 Typewriter” installation writes generative stories about journalist killed worldwide between 1992 and today. The individual stories are typed on a continuos piece of paper,  connected through common fields of coverage, places and published work.

The data arrives directly from the Committee to Protect Journalists and is also the basis for an additional magazine where a set of data graphics explain the abstract numbers. After loading the data in Processing one journalist is chosen as a start. The information about this journalist is enriched with some web searches (on, google news, google search) to get additional information. This collected information is refined using Processing and put into a short “story”. Then each letter is translated into the equivalent solenoid number which is connected to the letter of the typewriter. This number is being sent from Arduino to a shift register (each is connected to 8 solenoids) which then triggers the solenoid (each solenoid the “fires” depending on the content either fast or slow, meaning in a frequency between 100ms and 1s).

The installation is also accompanied by a set of prints which highlight specific aspects like the state of freedom of the press in certain countries.

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