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One Perfect Cube [Processing]


Created by Florian Jenett ,”One Perfect Cube” consists of three synchronized clocks that form a sign every 12 hours for exactly one second, using Processing to simulate clock multiples to avoid collisions + formulate interesting geometrical compositions.

Florian writes:
When working with complex systems – which in a way a clock can be thought of as, looking at all it’s possible 43200 constellations within 12 hours – the main focus has to be put on finding or shaping the right development tools first. To be able to try different symbols and texts to embed into “One Perfect Cube” a custom layout software was built in Processing. It allows one to freely place, scale and adjust time on a multitude of clocks. Every time a clock is added or changed the software would check for possible collisions between the clocks and would arrange the clocks on different yet as few as possible layers to allow the hands of two clocks to pass one another. A virtual master clock can be used to test the sculpture at different times.

Read more about the project at florianjenett.de/one-perfect-cube-making-of/

The project is currently (August 9 – September 18, 2010) on view at 1822 Forum in Frankfurt, Germany.

(via processing.org/exhibition/)