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Karsten Schmidt aka Toxi (PostSpectacular) has just posted source and the app used to create this year’s onedotzero festival identity in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy.  The code allows you to modify most of the functionality of the app, ie insert your own text and specify your own feeds, rotation speeds, camera position, colors, etc. Check out InstallationUserGuide pages to get started. If you are unfamiliar with the project, see our post from weeks ago. The team decided to open source the entire generator, installation software & tools in the hope to encourage further discussion, educate and hopefully see some wonderful new additions/re-renderings of the whole concept…

One kind request from the team to those who do give this a go & end up creating some modifications: Please do get in touch via the wiki, email, flickrTwitter or the Processing forums and/or share your results online. They’ve also set up a new flickr group for that purpose over here:

Note that the app has been released under the copyleft GNU General Public License v3. The full license text is included with each download. If you make modifications to the code & plan to distribute them, please make sure you understand your rights.

Now download and have a play. (See embeded movie below of us playing)