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Paysages [Processing]


Pierre Commenge aka Emoc creates knitted like photographs using Processing. The application, with no UI, follows deterministic rules where every pixel of the picture is given pictorial qualities from its components in a color space. At the end, the original photography is reworked with more or less transformations depending on some parameters tweaks in the code. The results are beautiful images that sometimes adopt cartoon like qualities and at others create alternative new landscapes of colour texture and scale. See video below. | emoc on flickr | vimeo

See emoc’s openprocessing page for more code examples and : a french speaking community of practice about code and DIY for digital creation.

  • Ethan Tey

    They are just simply beautiful. Is Colour Space a program to process this effect? Thanks.

  • Graphikouture

    As an illustrator fanatic I am in love with these images! They are absolutely beautiful!

  • AliciaO

    These are fantastic. I think they’d make a beautiful calendar.

  • emoc

    colour space is how pixel color is defined. There are some different spaces to represent colours : RGB (Red / Green / Blue), HSB (Hue / Saturation / Brightness), etc. Anyway, space is the place

  • shashachen

    wonderful! have a clean heart!

  • Now, you can knit your own pictures by yourself, I just released the code :

  • Thomas