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Pixtil – Weaving generative patterns using traditional textile techniques

Pixtil is a French design/product studio founded by Delphine Saltet and Olivier Paradeise that uses new digital drawing tools to create contemporary fabrics. Their latest release is a Large Napkin, made using double-cloth Jacquard weaving. Each piece is unique and numbered, using long textile tradition while incorporating contemporary techniques of textile production.

The double-cloth is a technique resulting in weaving two interwoven fabric layers, conferring great strength and thickness pleasant to touch. The patterns were generated using Processing where each pixel corresponds to interleaving of warp and weft yarn. The code realised in openFrameworks transforms the image into a binary file for the industrial Jacquard loom. The loom doesn’t repeats a sequence but produces each time a new line. To weave their first set of 300 unique napkins, they generated a file of 7200x202500px, for 2.4x50m of fabric.

Choose your preferred towel from the first edition of 300 pieces available for purchase here.

Project PagePixtil

Pixtil is a duo of designers and digital textile graduate ensci. After their classes in different agencies, Delphine Saltet and Olivier Paradeise decided to unite their world in a common script. They imagine collections of patterns and textiles for home professionals and fashion. For the sake of modernity, they design their own digital tools to propose a reinterpretation of traditional know-how.



Patterns processed in openFrameworks for the industrial Jacquard loom.


Processing sketch used to generate the patterns