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Quasar [Processing, Sound]

Quasar is an audiovisual artwork created by envis precisely using Processing and Ableton Live for the fourth issue of WEAVE magazine (

The team writes: It is an audiovisual composition that is based on a single set of MIDI notes. Those notes influence both music and graphics at the same time. We did not take the usual route of creating a piece of music first and then find some visualization for it; instead both elements have been developed at the same time. When we decided to change something with the graphics, the changes immediately influenced the music as well.

envis precisely is a studio for interactive art and design based in Munich, Germany, founded in 2009 by Thomas GläserMarkus Jaritz and Philipp E Sackl.

See also their first iPhone App: iScraper

Posted on: 04/02/2010

Posted in: Processing, Sound

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    • Randall

      Where can one download or get this app?