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Random Walk [Processing]


Random Walk is a wonderful project that presents experiments in mathematics and physics, showing the mysterious interaction of chaos and order in randomness.

The project consists of 14 double-sided A2 posters contained in a transparent plastic sleeve. Ten sheets explain the phenomena of randomness in mathematics and physics – four focus on all-day randomness and the quality of pseudo random number generators. Visualizations and random layouts were made with Processing.

Online you can see 12 visualizations: Random Walk of PI, Poisson Distribution, Normal Distribution, Prime Numbers, Benford’s Law, Monte Carlo Method, Law of Large Numbers, Brownian Motion, Half-Life, Double Pendulum, Pseudo Random Number Generators and Two Random Layouts of Explanatory Sheet. All of the sheets are zoom-able so make sure you check them out in detail.

Random Walk was created by Daniel A. Becker as a diploma thesis at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany.

For more information and further examples and images see:

(via infosthetics)


Posted on: 29/05/2009

Posted in: Processing

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