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SensorTape – 3D-aware dense sensor network on a roll of tape

Developed by the team at MIT Media Lab’s Responsive Environments group including Artem Dementyev, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and Joe Paradiso, SensorTape is a sensor network in a form factor of a tape that allows users to create large sensor networks.

The ‘tape’ is composed of interconnected and programmable sensor nodes on a flexible electronics sub- strate. Each node can sense its orientation with an inertial measurement unit, allowing deformation self-sensing of the whole tape. Also, nodes sense proximity using time-of-flight infrared. The team developed network architecture to automatically determine the location of each sensor node, as SensorTape is cut and rejoined.

In addition, the team has also developed a graphical interface to program the tape. The video below demonstrates how SensorTape could be produced at scale using current technologies on a 2.3-meter long prototype.

The prototype has been created and demoed using Arduino libraries and Processing 3.

See mode details in the paper including this repository on GitHub that contains all the hardware and software design files to make SensorTape.

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