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The Afterparty [Processing]


Back in summer 2009 architecture practice MOS installed a series of large furry cone structures called ‘The Afterparty’ at PS1 space. David Lu designed a Processing application that would inform the design of these architectural forms. Rather than adopting a traditions of using a standard 3D application, The allows a limited set of forms to appear and intersect with one another to drive and derive a spatial composition.

The first iteration (source code) of the tool was a manual system in which one can draw three-dimensional cone-like huts in a simple gestural way. The 2nd iteration was an explicitly generative one. This small animation investigates how a mutating voronoi grid can be used to generate a constantly morphing set of buildings in plan view. The 3rd iteration represents cells (polygons) within the voronoi grid as furry, 3-dimensional cones.

You can download the 3rd  iteration Mac, Windows or Linux application here. For first iteration see here + more pictures of the end installation here.

TheAfterAfterpartyTheAfterAfterparty 2afterparty001afterparty01afterparty02afterparty03

Posted on: 23/11/2009

Posted in: Processing

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