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The Non-Linear Code of Dextro – Observation in Nature

The following is a collection of new generative pieces created by Walter Gorgosilits aka Dextro from Austria, one of the pioneers of generative Macromedia Director programming.

Created using Processing, the works are all programmed using ‘non-linear code’ – without being fractal or random. Dextro started doing this type of work with Director back in 1996 and switched to Processing earlier this year. He doesn’t usually have a conceptual framework for these works but they all start with an idea (e.g. some observation in nature), and through experimentation with code he attempts to enhance what he find visually interesting. Some of these pieces take years to develop but the code is usually short but complex. The program iterates without change, with equal rules for all objects. Most of the scripts rely on trigonometry and could be seen as sets of wave generators interacting with one another.

Project Page | Dextro | Vimeo

— After studying graphic design and photography at Vienna’s Grafische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt Dextro started working as freelance graphic designer in Vienna, Berlin and Tokyo. In 1994 he began showing his non-commercial and non-objective graphic design experiments as well as their applications in flyers, posters, records labels and cd covers on, at first on Konrad Becker’s “public netbase” (as, from where it was transferred to “silverserver” the following year. From 1996 onwards, many animations were created with Macromedia Director. In 1997 dextro together with generative artist Lia started A collection of artwork that would offer the viewer a chance to become part in the generation of images, movements and sounds. It was a quasi-anonymous and would not offer any verbal explanation that could hinder an intuitive approach. Both Lia and Dextro contributed around 130 works to the archive. Having won many awards at the time, the duo split and Dextro has been creating independent works ever since, a lot of which can be seen on


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