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Timecode Vinyl [Processing]


Created by Jonas Bohatsch, Timecode Vinyl is a prototype project which uses data generated by a turntable (rotation speed, needle position) to control sound and animations which are projected directly on the vinyl itself.

Video below shows objects which trigger samples and change their appearance when “hit” by the needle. The timecode’s speed data controls rotation, colors and sample pitch. By reading out the timecode’s needle position the computer can tell “exactly” when a virtual object is being hit by the turntables needle.

Interestingly, there is no camera tracking involved at all. All the effects are generated by the turntable object itself.

white timecode vinyl
audio interface
xwax pd external (thanks to jan hackl(ayim/broken rules))

See also timecode vinyl – video enhanced – prototype 1 from Jonas Bohatsch.

timecode vinyl – video enhanced – prototype 2 from Jonas Bohatsch on Vimeo.


    • Mikelwho

      That's fuckin wild! I want one!