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Travel Time Tube Map [Processing]


If you live in London you know how confusing and misleading the tube map can be. When you think something is a short journey, it can turn out to take much longer that originally thought.

Travel Time Tube Map is a creation of Tom Carden, a San Francisco-based programmer and designer. London Underground map is interactively reorganised around the times of travel from a particular station. Shortest paths are used to place the other stations – radius is proportional to time to travel, and angle should be correct for as-the-crow-flies direction on a map. The concentric circles are at 10 minute intervals. Press ‘g’ to get back to the geographical tube map.

The project was created back in 2005/06 and inspired by Oskar Karlin’s reworking of the tube map around the time to travel from Elephant and Castle, and Rod McLaren’s subsequent sketch 10 Minutes tube travel from Oxford Circus. Uses travel times from Geoff and Neil’s travel times map. Station locations are from Wikipedia’s London Underground Geographic Maps.

You can see the project, interact as well as download the source code here.



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  • Kali

    This is excellent. I remember how confusing the tubes were in London, particularly for a foreigner. This seems like it will assist in people's travel, if it were only a little more user friendly…

  • sometimes we should be really aware to such things…

  • Very interesting post and deeply critical tube you see.I don't understand everything but gauge something.

  • Janice

    That's great! But of course, if you do your home work and prepare a destination travel guide (, then you won't have to bear with such confusing map display.

  • Tiemen

    What's actually interesting is how Tom Garden reverts all the work done by Harry Beck (, and reintroduces quite some of the problems he solved? But maybe I'm missing something, as I can't really see how this improves on oskar's map design?

  • Tiemen

    Mmm maybe I spoke too soon. I like the interaction as I played with it. Not sure on the angles, though.

  • Stunning stuff..I was on the lookout for this for many days now.