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Twittering Processing Sketches [Processing]


Douglas Edric Stanley has written an interesting post on his blog about Andy Best fun idea last week to write Processing sketches inside of a tweet. Here’s his original tweet promoting the idea: @peterkirn How about a whole processing sketch in 140 characters?,
This has followed with a number of very interesting mini processing sketches for Processing. You can see the collection here with a few examples of code with links to their authors.

Some examples:

float i;PImage a=loadImage("","jpg");void draw(){i+=0.01;translate(50,50);rotate(i);scale(sin(i)2);image(a,-250,-250);} //@destaouel

import ddf.minim.;AudioPlayer player;Minim minim;minim=new Minim(this); player=minim.loadFile("");; //@FlorentDeloison

float x,y,t;int h=100;void setup(){size(h,h);h/=2;t=0;}void draw(){x=h(sin(9t+1)+1);y=h(sin(8t)+1);point(x,y);t+=0.01;t%=TWO_PI;} //@benoitespinola

int c;void draw(){frameRate(c%120+1);background(++c%2==0?0:255);} //@tomekjarolim

void draw(){for(int i=3;i<500; i+=random(0,i)){rect(3+i,i,i%24,i%34);}} //@budoubuda

The idea definitely sounds fun. If you think you can contribute or would just to pick up some tips and tricks, here’s Andy’s list of Twitterers.


Posted on: 17/02/2009

Posted in: Processing

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