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TYPEFACE [Processing]


Created by Mary Huang, TYPEFACE is a study of facial recognition and type design, creating a typeface that corresponds to each individual, like a typographic portrait. Somewhat similar to LAIKA project – interactive typeface, the challenge here were the limitations of geometric type system, being able to allow for a great amount of variation while maintaining a general level of quality in the letters. This was made especially harder by using lowercase letters.

…people really wanted to do was make funny faces at the camera so they could watch the type change. So, I decided to encourage that. I also wanted to draw a closer connection to handwriting, so I added the ability to type in the program, which creates sentences with accumulated variation in the letters.

For more information visit For Mary’s full portfolio, visit the website here.

TYPEFACE was created using Processing.

UPDATE 27.07.2010: App is now available for DOWNLOAD.