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Underwater by David Bowen – Hundreds of servos controlling wave patterns

underwater_by_david_bowen_01 copy

Created by David Bowen, Underwater is an installation created for INTERIEUR 2012.  It uses a Microsoft Kinect and Processing to collected real-time surface data from moving wave patterns and translates them into this large scale installation comprised of hundreds of servo-motors controlling each point of the wave.

By positioning the ‘kinect’ on the water surface to be viewed as a floating membrane, the recorded information is then translated into a grid of three-dimensional data points – a form of landscape, which then talks to each of the 486 motors. As the data responds to the dynamic patterns found in the recorded wireframe models, the exhibition mimics the gestures found in the ripples of the river.

my work is concerned with the aesthetics that result from reactive and generative processes as they relate to the intersections between natural and mechanical systems. the goal of future primitive within the underwater installation is to create a sophisticated system that provides an immersive mechanical perspective of a natural, dynamic and ageless phenomenon

David Bowen

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david bowen: underwater interactive mechanical sculpture from designboom on Vimeo.

(above: number field from water data)

via CreatorsProjects and DesignBoom