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Unidades [iPhone, iPad, Processing]


First created as an interactive installation made in Processing ‘Organized Complexity’ , Unidades by Luis Carli is currently making it’s way to the AppStore.

Interact with hundreds of units that change their color depending on the behavior of the particles close to them. Interfere and watch them reorganize, forming new and unexpected graphic patterns, which are an indirect consequence of the manipulation of the system.

About ‘Organized Complexity’:
In this project I sought to generate images that were not the direct result from the intentions of an author, from the determinations imposed by a subject, result of applying formulas that are a simplified way to understand our phenomenal world. Simplified as they are developed upon assumptions no longer criticized, which unfold logically from models that are too abstract…read more..

App is currently under approval at Apple and should* be available in the next few days.
Now Available!

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Platform: iPhone/iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: Free
Developer: Luis Carli