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Unwrapping.. [Processing, openFrameworks]


Kyle McDonald and Golan Levin reading about domain shifting between polar and Cartesian geometries noticed that flowers make particularly interesting subjects for this transformation. Working with Golan’s open-source BloggieUnwarper panoramic-imaging software (see below) with some flower photographs from Flickr, the duo produced the “flower panoramas”.

A modified version of the software — the FlowerUnwarper — was optimized for unwrapping flower images, and is available here (including source code). The software is built in Processing and uses the ControlP5 library.

Golan’s BloggieUnwrapper is software created in both openFrameworks and Processing for unwrapping the panoramic videos produced by the popular Sony Bloggie solid-state camera. The inexpensive Bloggie ($160-190) camera allows for the creation of 360-degree panoramic digital video, at relatively high resolution, at a consumer price-point.

Using the software, the image is ‘unwrapped’ creating a continuous 360º video panorama (see movie clip below).

An unwrapped panoramic video of our car’s interior, shot using the Sony Bloggie and its 360-degree lens attachment. The original video, which can be seen at, was unwrapped using custom software created in OpenFrameworks.

Read more about the software + download (processing + oF) at

Similarly, I have come across this project recently, an analog example of distorted image by Ross Ching, a graduate of San Diego State University’s film program. Using a 24-inch monitor laid horizontally flat playing the distorted video, with the help of a chrome cylinder positioned in the middle of this image, the images is ‘unwrapped’ allowing you to observe the landscape or any other panoramic video without distortions. You can read about this project at

Somewhat an analog version of Golan’s software and an interesting comparison between physical and digital translation of the distorted.

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    Hi all,
    I have extracted the original Sony 360° Unwrap tool from PlayMemories (Thats the shitty software Sony wants everyone with a Sony cam to install). I think this might be useful fore some of you, because there is hardly any free ‘360° Doughnut unwrap Software’ out there… However This tool can only open 1280×720 .mp4 files. You can download the installer here:
    (If the link is dead, you can always contact me at