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Visual Editions [Profile, iPad]


Visual Editions, nicknamed VE, is a London-based book publisher, started in early 2009 by Anna and Britt. The idea for VE comes from our joint love of books and a (mischievous) desire to do things differently, so that everything we do translates into a new experience for the readers as well as for all the writers and designers VE work with.

We wondered why there is such a large divide between text-driven literary books on the one hand and picture-driven art and design books on the other. And we wondered why this divide seems so extreme, when most of us compute visuals in our everyday more than ever before. We believe this visual everydayness adds to the way we read, it adds to the way we experience what we read and the way we absorb and understand the way stories are told: through words and pictures.

The latest book is called Composition No. 1, and it’s the first ever “book in a box”.  The book was written in 1961 by Marc Saporta, Universal Everything designed it, introduction is by Tom Uglow of Google and it features diagrams by Salvador Plascencia . The book also comes in an iPad version, first of many yet to come from VE.

So, our Composition No. 1 app is not just a copy of the book on screen. Far from it. And it hasn’t got those curly cornered pages (we never got the idea of those, it isn’t a book made of paper so why pretend to be one?). It’s a book app inspired by the squeak feeling we had when we first saw two of our faves: Alice for the iPad that came out about a year ago and the Myfry with all its rotating wonderous madness. more

iPad app was created by Matt of Universal Everything working Microlemon and coded in c++.  Illustrations in the book were created using Processing.

Past books include The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne, Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer. Yet to come A Collection of Short Uncanny Stories by Seonaid MacKay and Revolutions Book by Adam Thirlwell. Composition No. 1 is available for pre-order and you can also grab the iPad version at the link below today.


Platform: iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: $6.99
Developer: visual-editions

  • Looks a lot like “The Unfortunates” by B.S. Johnson

  • Anonymous

    So.. it’s a book for people who don’t necessarily like to read books.

  • Titbit

    reading books is so 90ies

  • Anonymous

    its an interesting thing and  ipad makes it easly to handle