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Visual Music Collaborative [Events]


Led by Aaron Meyers, in collaboration with Re:Group artist, Aaron Koblin and in creative partnership with Ghostly International, Visual Music Collaborative is a summer school masterclass hosted by Eyebeam this July in NYC.

Invited participants will explore the relationship between music, sound, and dynamically generated imagery and motion. Topics will include sound-analysis techniques, advanced OpenGL programming, and interfacing with mobile control devices. Guest speakers and musicians provide additional insight. The master class culminates in an event where participants perform using work created during the week.

Participation in this program is via competitive application process only. Applicants should be at least at the graduate level of study, or have an emerging creative practice, and have established experience using OpenFrameworks, Processing, or an equivalent programming tool. Content created during this workshop will be released under Creative Commons licensing and may be promoted by Ghostly International.

Qualified applicants can apply here.
Applications are due May 21, and participants will be notified by May 28.

More info on the event here.

  • bellasys

    This is very inspiring! Abstract expressionism is how I would categorize this application as art- phenomenal in itself. It catches my eye because I have been working toward… much on the backburner… an expression of the “soul” of a movement of music- something which, very much like a holographic plate, can be created and then used to re-render the piece. My own historical exploration, in collaboration with Thomax Hicks…

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