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Wordcollider – Colliding phrases and signing letters with phonetics

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Created by Moritz Heller, Wordcollider was inspired by visualizations of particle collisions at LHC CERN. The software created in Processing accelerate two phrases against each other on a collision course. The collision splits the words up in their letters – “their elementary particles”. After collision, wordcollider visualize a signature for each letter, based on their phonetic characteristics.

The software differentiates between the vowels, nasals, plosives, fricatives, approximates, trill consonants and special signs, giving them each a distinctive behaviour as they disperse from the collision.

Wordcollider is the result of a Processing workshop with Steffen Fiedler at the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt.

Moritz Heller on Vimeo and Flickr

See also ‘Silenc’ at CIID (Visualisation of silent letters in a language) and more great “words” related projects.

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  • Great visualization!

  • nicolas barradeau

    nice, love the taxonomy, very useful.