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1962 – Revision controlled physical sculptures by Raphaël Bastide

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1962 by Raphaël Bastide is a sculptures conceptualized using a revision control system gitHub and represented physically. Using a GitHub account, everybody can duplicate (fork) this project in order to represent the sculpture in a new place and request modifications for the sculpture or its documentation. In this case, a merge must follow.

Each representation must have its own public branch and archive. Each representation can differ from its parent. It must be documented with photographs or streamed video and must accept major modifications. Each object in the sculpture is documented in the files by its position, geolocation, color, texture and general description.

The curent output may be a little disappointing but as more people fork the project, including more complex transformations to the physical arrangement, configuration and properties, this could evolve into something quite spectacular. With the world of “internet of things” upon us, is it only a matter of time until all our daily physical interactions belong to revision controlled system?

Project Page | GitHub

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