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Approxymotion and MisPortraits – Geometry, drawing, material and robotic arms..

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Approxymotion and MisPortraits are two projects by Peter A Vikar currently an ESTm post-graduate studies at Sci-Arc, Los Angeles, designing material interactions with six-axis robot arms. Approxymotion is research project focusing on motion based forming while MisPortraits looks at the levels of accidentally with 6 axis robots doing feltpen graphics.

Approxymotion is an attempt to apply the logic of digital design into the physical space combining geometry, material properties and robotic arms. The nested relation (corner cutting) from rough to smoothened layers display the gradient condition from the accuracy of robotic motion control to the averaging behaviour of the elastic net.

Traditionally in architecture forms are transferred from paper/virtual space to building through fixed shaped moulds or as an assembly of many elements. My goal was to set the “mould” into motion, while maintaining the parametric nature inherited from the digital model. The result is a motion-form that computes between the initial motion input, the built geometry and its material properties.

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The MisPortraits manipulates gradient value of the image by translating it to rotation values(6th joint) of a flat nose pen. Image ‘resolution’ 33 by 33 pixel. As the robot draws the line, the arm of the robot rotates thus manipulating the stroke width.

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Peter A Vikar is an architect, visual creative. His design-work focuses on spatial typologies, and intricate geometries combined with inventive control and manufacturing methods. Peter has received his Master degree in architecture from the Masterclass of Greg Lynn at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2008. Currently he is engaged in ESTm post-graduate studies at Sci-Arc, Los Angeles. Designing material interactions with six-axis robot arms.

/found via designplaygrounds