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Ghost Are Dancing – Houdini animated portraits by Teresuac

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Created by the Teresuac collective, Ghost Are Dancing is a personal project made using Houdini. The team created motion capture of the face with two cameras and the main effect was done in 2D using motion vector and lighting from 3D.

The resulting video is reminiscent of RGB+D project but with flair of drawings + watercolours by Kynd. Beautiful indeed.

Directed by Maxime Causeret and Gilles Deschaud
music Ghost are Dancing of Home & Dry :
+ Laure Laffererie, Romain Dowska, Arnaud Dussiau, Tristan Coindet

You can learn more about the work of Teresuac here or check out their Vimeo page.


  • Joel Oz

    freakin saweet! my new favorite website!

  • Sean A. Metcalf

    pretty rad.