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Nadia [Java, Objects]


Created by Andrew Kupresanin, Nadia is a camera that has no display of the photographs to be taken, but rather gives the judgment of aesthetic quality to the machine, displaying only a current rating as feedback about when and what to snap.

Within pop culture and society artificial intelligence has been a topic that is approached with hope, fear, cynicism, curiousity and caution. However many intelligent devices have already been effortlessly absorbed into our culture and everyday lives. Currently under development, we will soon see devices and systems that have the ability to think creativly and infer beauty. As this novel technology improves and works its way into consumer devices, what effect will it have on individual preference and our creative process?

The prototype shown here comprises a PyS60 script running on a Nokia N73, a Java App running on a Mac and the online ‘aesthetic quality inference engine’ ACQUINE . The PyS60 script takes a photo which is sent via Bluetooth to the Java App, and from there uploaded to ACQUINE. The returned rating is then sent back to the camera N37 and displayed. (Thanks Andrew!)

See also Artificial Smile [openFrameworks, Objects] and Buttons [Processing, Objects]

  • Nice to see this up here … really love the project!

    Few words to these three “camera” projects (Nadja, Artificial Smile and Buttons) … all of them emerged from studying at the “Digitale Klasse” (http:// under Joachim Sauter und Jussi Ängeslevä at the University of the Arts Berlin, Germany.

    Cheers Andreas (one of the creators of Artificial Smile)

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    sorry, but this is lame!