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“QR of life” – QR-codes dead or alive? by Sander Veenhof

Sander Veenhof is exploring whether QR-codes are dead or not in a series of projects that examine their validity as an artistic medium. 

QR of Life is a combination of Game of Life and QR where pixels continuously reposition themselves within the QR code layout generating domains of which majority do not work. When existing domain is found, it is recorded. By adding your own domain, you trigger a new game of life. Sander also adds that when adding a soundtrack, it becomes almost like an autonomous artwork or pixel performance (see video above) or try it here

Another project by Sander plays with augmented reality  – turning non centrally placed wheel with QR code making it impossible to scan:

Dutch new media artist Sander Veenhof studied computer science at the VU university in Amsterdam and graduated at the Instable Media department of the Rietveld Art Academy. He works at the cross section of these domains, using his technical knowledge and intuition to explore the impact of emerging technologies on our radically changing reality and society of today.