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Selfsurfing by Jonas Lund | Chrome Extension

Selfsurfing is a Chrome extension that creates a self-surfing, auto-updating clone of Jonas Lund’s browser in real time.

Jonas’ browser has a server extension installed which transmits the current state of his browser to a intermediate server, which holds all relevant information. This information is then picked up by Selfsurfing extension.

Emilio from TB writes:

To check if it works in real time I asked him through twitter (@jonas_lund) to visit and he did! (thanks!). I have also read in a public pad he has opened right now and is using it as a public chat to speak and interact with other people who has already installed Selfsurfing, that if he visits soundcloud or and he plays the sound player the music is not going to autoplay itself if you don’t play it, but he found another way to share in real time what music he’s listening, if he plays the videos on Youtube you will watch and listen them in live!

Check out the source code here.


Posted on: 21/03/2012

Posted in: Scripts

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