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Synchronous Dissections – Light drawing workshop at SCI-Arc with robotic arms

Video below is the result of a workshop held last week at SCI-Arc teaching students about synchronous robotics. We already covered SCI-Arc robotics here, but the results this time are bullet time light drawings which instead of being constrained to a bullet time camera rig have the freedom to be viewed from any perspective.

LEDs are attached to corners and centres of the panels whereas the DSLR camera is attached to one of the robotic arms. As the panels move in sync, the camera takes pictures of LED paths. No video editing was done to the light drawings, simply a series of still images. Below is also the original proof of concept for the workshop.

Robot Control Software:
Research Institution:

Instructors: Brandon Kruysman & Jonathan Proto

TeamA: Al Ataide, Mehrzad Rafeei, Somayyeh Ramezani, Peter Vikar
TeamB: Amir Habibabadi, Francisco Moure, Juan Osorio
TeamC: Peter Kaoud, Eugene Kosgoron, Mira Lee

(Thanks Jonathan)