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Bitboxland [iPhone, Sound]


Created by Francis Lam aka db-db, Bitboxland is a platform and tool for audiovisual creation and performance. Half soundtoy, half game, Bitboxland is a a unique and joyful audiovisual playground. Tap on the objects to make sounds or turn on/off music loops. Drag the train left and right to scratch. You can record up to 10 beat sequences and play back as a loop using the record and play buttons (at bottom right). The number indicates which program you’re recording to. To unlock more objects and beats, hit the clouds. You need to score over 500 to have the whole Bitboxland ready.

Francis was kind enough to share 5 promocodes with us. To win one, leave a comment below and we’ll pick 5 winners by random later today.

See also Cloudie. For more iPhone apps by db-db see here.

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $1.99
Developer: Francis Lam

  • Sinan Vural

    Count me in…

  • Nervo

    Interessing, I would like to give it a try

  • I love this little cow!

  • Sounds like a fun little app. It looks kinda like Beat It!

  • That looks really cute. *Throws hat into ring*

  • Seems nice. I'd lo to give it a spin.

  • tom_happiness

    Looks like a fun app!

  • This could be fun – count me in!

  • Looks cool. I'd be interested in a code.

  • tomtu

    I'm in for it! (was about to buy it though… so will get it anyways hehe)

    And while having the chance – thanks for introducing me to OpenFrameworks CR! you've made my next few months :)

  • p0dracer

    I like the graphics. Looks interesting.

  • Heh, that's cute, I wanna try it.

  • I'm already broke purchasing every single app you recommend. So, this would be a wonderful present.

  • Diega

    It looks pretty cool. I'd like to try it in a live enviroment (a.k.a. DJ Set)

  • kylecameron

    I love the integration of gaming elements through music creation. Cloudie marginally caught my attention but I'm very much looking forward to this.

  • pleaseinsertacoin

    I never really got the point of 8-bit music, but this “bitboxing” concept makes sense. (BTW, yet another thing that would be even more amazing on some tablet-type device) Graphic elements look great, recording makes it even sweeter.

  • picked the following comments: 4 – raoupp, 9 – Greg Little, 12 – qdot, 1 – Sinan Vural and 7 – tom_happiness. Codes are on their way!

  • Toastedtoast

    Wow I'm in love! Love the graphics!

  • mrotondo

    Looks like a blast to play with!

  • bun

    This looks pretty awesome. Pixel art game that creating music!

  • pixel art game! awesome!!!

  • clearly too late to win, but man, does that look like fun!

  • Anonymous

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