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Cube with Magic Ribbons by Simon Katan – oF and SuperCollider

Cube with Magic Ribbons 02 copy

The following clip is a preview Simon Katan’s new composition tool for live performance Cube with Magic Ribbons created using openFrameworks and SuperCollider. Simon describes the piece as partly drawing on the visual paradoxes of M.C.Escher but also being inspired by the impossible spaces found in the two dimensional graphics of early computer games such as Asteroids and Pacman.

Simon Katan composes music, performs it, runs workshops, swims, cooks, cycles and designs social games. His algorithmic compositions (strangely not dissimilar to games) have been extensively performed by his performance art, comedy, improvisation ensemble Halal Kebab Hut and also by his new trio Brainer. Simon also spends a lot of time putting dots on lines and forcing computers to make strange sounds. More at .

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