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Euphonics [iPhone, Sound]



Euphonics is a relaxing musical toy in the style of Bloom. Like Bloom it features a large space for tapping out piano notes. Multitouch is supported (yay!). By default, notes are locked to a specific scale, so no matter what you play it sounds good. You can also turn this feature off, to play chromatic pitches.  It also features a row of pads for switching the current musical key. In addition to piano sounds, Euphonics will play backing pads in the current key and and some synthy arpeggios. You have limited control over those (basically just volume level and the ability to toggle steps in the arpeggio).  Some additional sounds, scales or arpeggios would really go a long way to expanding the sound making possibilities.

Overall, Euphonics is like having a relaxing ambient tune that you can easily control and always sounds good. The overall effect is very meditative and I could see people getting lost in it for an hour or two. Even though it is a little limited, I like to think of this not just as a music making app, but as a new form of song distribution. Apps like this and BT / Sonik Architects’ Sonifi raise the interesting possibility that in the future songs might not be a static thing that you buy and store on physical storage medium. It might be something that changes over time or is interactive or maybe even different every time you listen to it. It changes the definition of what a song really is. What are your thoughts on this topic?

Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0.6
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Frozen Ape