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Goethe Institute in Barcelona | Sebastian Neitsch [vvvv]

Goethe Institut Barcelona Sebastian Neitch

“Goethe Institut Barcelona” is the latest work by Sebastian Neitsch. The project consits in a simple audio-reactive installation in the entrance hall of the Goethe Institute in Barcelona. A microphone hanging from the ceiling picks up sound which gets transformed into projected wall graphics using VVVV with FFT.

Sebastian tells us about the process;

“To map the space I developed my own “drawingtool” which automatically defines spaces out of 4 Points and than makes Grides out of them with the correct perspective. This way I did not have to have the Space as 3D data but could just install the projectors and do about half an hour of klicking and the mapping was done.

After That I had a lot of points defining edges and grids. What I did was a simple FFT analysis which gave me a value for each incoming frequency (256 different values) -> now I multiplied or added those values to the positions or rgb-values of planes and points.

To make it a bit more unpredictable I created a timeline which consisted out of a counter that counted one value up every time a certain soundvalue was hit (lets say > than 3) This way the different stages depend on the history of the soundlandscape in the room. After that I added some random stuff – depending on that timeline and that was basicaly it. Every time the counter reached 2000 everything started again from the beginning with different randomized values.”

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3 projectors (Benq,MX613ST)
1 standart gamingPC with nvidia gfx card
1 MatroxTripleHead2go for the Projectors
1 customized microphone including amplifier