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Grid [iPhone, Sound]


Grid is an open source visual synthesiser application designed for rhythmic, melodic, or textural applications. An exploration in frequency of sound and how it may be visualised. Developer description:

But has joy gone blind? No; there are primary colors in sound. There are primitives to sound, to the psychological constituents of sound; though there is a one to one correspondence between frequency and the reals, frequency is a property rather than a depiction of palpable tone. In this sense, the algorithm used is structurally formative rather than exhaustively descriptive of the sounds produced.

You can download the code (xcode project) here.

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Platform: iPhone
Version: 1.0
Cost: $3.99
Developer: Kin

UPDATE 19.02.2010: 5 promocodes up for grabs! Leave a comment below and we’ll pick winners by random later today. Thanks Kin!

  • Gad


  • ray

    I jus get iray an run that kronik shit all the time.

  • Just thought you might like to know, i've already rebuilt this for the iPad. Just using that source code. :)

  • kinlog

    Hopefully with improvements!

  • I'd love to give it a try. :)

  • Bill Morgan

    Looks like fun to experiment with

  • jackmclean

    looks amazing :) would be really play to play with for hours!

  • Neeeeaaaat – love the minimalist interface – and results!

  • kinlog

    If anyone records anything, Kin would really love to hear it!

  • Sound cartography. Cool. Would definitely love to play with on an iPad.

  • Looks badass. There's always room for experimental apps like thes in my iPhone.

  • Toastedtoast

    Wow I'm totally amazed, again ;)

  • picked the following: ploinkr, Toastedtoast, jackmclean, Jesse Baer, Beanbag Amerika. Congrats! Codes are on their way…

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