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modAxis [Sound, iPhone, iPad, oF]


Created by on;(do) studio, modAxis is a musical instrument for the iPhone and iPad. By controlling positions of three circles you modulate FM parameters and ‘delay’ FX. Unlike DAW or typical musical instruments, such as midi keyboard, you can perform transformation of the ‘sound’ more intuitively with the use of multi-touch interface.

Red Cirlce icon is the first object when you touch the iphone or ipad screen. It create FM oscillator. X Axis is assigned to Harmonicity Ratio parameter. Y Axis is assign to Modulation Index parameter. Top left corner is minimum setting. The second icon is green circle. This circle controls Resonance lowpass filter modulation. X Axis assigned to filter modulation frequency parameter. Y Axis is assigned to modulation center position parameter. Top left corner is minimum setting. The third icon is blue circle. This circle controls feed back delay. X Axis assigned to Delay time parameter. Y Axis is Delay feedback parameter. Top left corner is minimum setting.

It’s a Free Download until December 31st.

Platform: iPhone/iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: Free (before December 31st)
Developer: on;(do) studio